Trust and respect full

RLS is a team. We build trust from our Customer because we provide service for them (Externally) and as a team we trust and respect each other (Internally). We believe with that we can get conducive working environment.

Best Service

RLS provide best service by creativity and innovation to meet customer requirement.

Improve knowledge/skill

RLS always improve team knowledge and skill in order to follow any government regulation update. As we want to provide best service to customer.

Team Work

RLS is one Team. We believe only with solid team work, we can get best result.

We are
Forwarding and expedition

We provide high quality for freight forwarding & trucking for Local, Export – Import, Trading and also license service and supported by most experience and professional staff in this field. In order to meet customer satisfaction we provide ware house for stuffing and un-stuffing..

Our Work


Deliver good service to customer and meet the customer satisfaction. Provide service for Export freight & Handling, Import handling, Local (Outer Island) delivery service, Trading and Export – Import license for company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Help an orphanage and also environment well fare around the company. Become sponsor for the social activity that were held by the local government.

What we do

Export Freight

Arrange schedule for the shipments, Bill of Lading for prepaid shipments or collect.

Export – Import Custom Handling & Trucking (Haulage)

Provide handling service & Haulage for export - import custom. We will pick up the cargo form port to consignee for Import and pick up the cargo from shipper warehouse or factory to port of loading.

Local Cargo delivery (Outer Island – Outside Java)

We deliver intersuler cargo (Shipment from Java to Outer Island). We will pick up the shipment from Shipper warehouse or factory to consignee.

Export Trading

We provide trading for export as well as the handling service and Export Freight.

Company Export & Import License

We provide service to handle Company License for export and import.

Ware house for stuffing & un-stuffing

As per Customer need, RLS have Warehouse in where Customer can do the stuffing or un-stuffing.

Contact Us


Adress: Jl. Gadukan Utara VII B No. 7 Surabaya – East Java

Country: Indonesia (60178)

Phone: +62(31) 7481250 , 7481069

Fax: +62 (31) 7480637

E-mail: |


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